special delivery: share your love 2011

This year I decided to take part in Etsy’s Special Delivery service project, and today I crafted three Valentine’s cards to be delivered to the elderly and homebound along with Meals on Wheels on Valentine’s Day. You can participate too! Click here to find out more about the who, what, when, where,, and why of this very-fun service project.


conception topics

Hi, friends. We’ve been busy this weekend. Hubby and I volunteered with some refugee children from Burma (by way of Thailand; did you know the average refugee family spends 10+ years in a refugee camp before possibly coming to another country?) we have been volunteering with for a year or so this morning, along with some other boys we volunteer with in South Atlanta. I love children so much. It is so refreshing to be with sweet, kind, giving people. It makes me feel good about humanity.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about topics important to conception after I realized I’ve confused a couple readers about whether I’m pregnant or not, and have been brainstorming about some topics that might be interesting to those interested in conception or early pregnancy. Here are some things I’d like to talk about over the next week or so:

  • Ovulation and how conception works
  • Ovulation tracking — to track or not to track?
  • What to do before trying to conceive
  • What you can do to help improve your chances of conceiving
  • What a male partner can do to help improve your chances of conceiving (and what’s really not that big of a deal)
  • Sperm-friendly lubricants, prenatal vitamins, and other product reviews
  • Sex as art
  • How to have a minimalist pregnancy, and baby

Are there any other topics you’d like to talk/learn about? Please let me know if so.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.