seven months


four months

FJ at four months

FJ will be FIVE months on the 12th…as I type those words I almost can’t believe it. This photo was (believe it or not) actually taken right at her four month birthday, although I have been more than slack in posting it on here. The last month has been full of new discoveries and lots of laughter. Four months has certainly been a turning point for us in terms of getting in a rhythm with each other and also finding my own rhythm with Hubby and during free time for myself each week. I appreciate this little girl every day and love watching her grow.

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12 weeks

Ahh, 12 weeks. You are here already. In fact, you were here yesterday. The midwife group wants to go by my original due date of February 9, which is no big deal to me because they’ll let me go two weeks past my due date and possibly more, although they’ll start checking me much more frequently then to make sure all is well for baby to continue incubating.

So what’s a few days difference? Well, I’ll tell you…in my silly mind it makes me feel so much farther along! Monday I called it 11 weeks. And then suddenly on Wednesday I had “magically” skipped forward to 12! Tada! It makes me feel like I am that much closer to getting a bump, like our baby has grown that much more, and like this is really happening. I know, I know…I’m silly.

Here’s my 12-week picture:

12 week pregnancy photo

My bump is not as pronounced as it looks in this picture. I think next time I need to make sure hubby and I are standing perpendicular to each other so as not to influence the camera. πŸ™‚ But something is happening…things are shifting, my belly isn’t quite as flat, and I can’t suck in part of it anymore. I can’t wait to have a bump!

And baby, sweet lil Midz, it was so cool to see you moving your arms and legs around on camera this week. You are now as big as a lime:

12 weeks, the size of a lime

It’s hard to believe that just two short months ago you were the size of a poppy seed and we first learned of your existence. My, how you’ve grown! And I’m starting to feel really good too. Not that I didn’t feel good before. I have definitely been happy to not have experienced morning sickness. I’ve just been so incredibly tired the last couple weeks. One day last week I even had to take a half day at work so I could go home and rest. But this week my energy is returning! And so is my appetite! I am craving the things I used to crave…veggies, healthy, lean meats (okay, meats still not as much…) and everything else that you need to help you grow strong.

Keep growing!