39-week update

Time for a 39-week baby update!

We had our midwife appointment this morning and all continues to be well in babyland. Baby’s heartbeat sounds great and the midwife says she can tell by feeling on my stomach that she’s moving downward. I had the option of doing a cervical exam or declining it today — and while I said last week I would decline it, because it really means just about nothing in terms of when I will have the baby, curiosity got the best of me — and I learned that I’m about 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced, and the baby is down in my pelvis just at about the -2 station right now.

We also found out that the newest midwife in the practice who we’ve not built the best rapport with yet will likely not be put into the hospital rotation until the 22nd, which makes us happy! I’m sure she will be wonderful and would do a wonderful job delivering our baby, but we’ve just really gotten to know the other midwives through this pregnancy and feel most comfortable with them right now. We will be happy with either of the two other midwives, but REALLY hope it is the younger of the two, who we’ve seen most often. We really love her!

In other news this week, we went to a pediatrician open house on Monday and are going to go with the practice. Hubby, ever the practical one, felt comfortable with their credentials, the cleanliness and general organization of the office, and other logistical details.  I love that they have a monthly breastfeeding support group and encourage breastfeeding for at least a year, which is what I want to do.  They also will do an alternative vaccine schedule.  We have decided we do want to do a complete vaccine schedule but will likely space them out a la Dr. Sears

Anyway, that’s all my news for today! Other than the fact that I’m now wearing Hubby’s gym socks because mine are too tight on my ankles… 🙂