melodic mondays

In college I studied English and writing, but really my love affair with words began a very long time before that. I have been writing and using my imagination for just about as long as I can remember.

Some of my best and earliest memories involve writing and using my wild imagination. In fact, one of my earliest memories isn’t a memory at all, but I dreamed it so clearly within my own waking mind that I now can look back on it as something I can recall just as clearly as a true memory.

I am swinging on our swingset in the backyard, about eight or nine, kicking my legs high into the sky. The breeze is cool. Suddenly the ground begins to rumble. I jump off the swing and look behind me, over our fence and back toward the creek at the edge of our neighborhood. A Tyrannosaurus Rex is stomping across the creek, splintering trees, heading toward me.

I can see it in my mind’s eye just as much as I can picture Christmas morning when I was ten, or playing London Bridge with my mother and younger brothers around the same time. Some might say this is bordering on crazy, but I say it’s fun!

Lately I’ve been less devoted to my writing, although writing and being a mother are the two things I’ve always wanted more than anything in the world. So I’d like to give something a try — depending on whether both you and I have and/or continue to have an interest in this. On Mondays I’ll start posting a piece of impromptu writing, preferably somehow related to my latest adventure of trying to conceive.

Whatever form I’m taking off its dusty shelf and sharing with you (short story, poem, or random mumblings), I’d like to think this can be a fun outlet and just see where it takes me and us. I will say I am not a poet and I’m rusty…and prone to embarrassment. This will also be an exercise to help me overcome my (sometimes almost debilitating) perfectionism.

So…trying to be brave. To begin, I thought I’d try something small and sweet, like I imagine our future baby’s soul to be, wherever it may be passing the time right now.

where do you exist
before finding my belly
inky sky of souls