life inside of life

Yesterday I met one of my best friends for dinner. She and I have been friends since the summer before 8th grade, and she is now expecting her first child, a boy. She is the first of my closest friends to have a baby.

While sitting in the booth and after we had finished eating, the baby began to move. She graciously let me put my hand on her big, beautiful, 34-week belly, and I felt the baby kick or squirm or something to that effect. The baby would stop moving, and she would gently move her belly, and he would begin to move again.

It was so amazing it made me want to cry.


sunny sunday shower

Today I helped host a baby shower for one of my best friends, which I mentioned in this post when I showed you the cute birdseed favors I found on Etsy for the party. I wish I had pictures to show you, but although I brought my camera to the shower I forgot to put the memory card back in it! Oopsie! But it was a beautiful, sunny day here in Georgia, and I think the party went very well and everyone had a nice time. It was a family shower for my friend, with all of her female relatives coming from places like Oregon, Virginia, and Florida. I guess I counted as close enough since we met the summer before 8th grade.

In a couple weeks hubby and I are going to a couples shower for the same friend. We are really looking forward to it, especially since they are good friends of ours. In fact, we vacationed together last year in St. Simons Island, and after hubby and I recently went to Savannah we decided that the nearby Tybee Island would be a great and convenient place for future family trips once we both have babies around. The fact that we would vacation with them says a lot. We really like ’em.

Now hubby and I are home with the patio door open, the kitties looking through the screen door and enjoying the feel of the breeze and the sights and sounds from the city street below. (Trust me, they enjoy it much more than when we first moved in!) I was going to make this along with some shrimp for dinner, but I was a little worn out after a day of activities so hubby and I went to our favorite Greek restaurant instead. Now I’m in my pajamas and it’s not even 8 o’clock yet.

Ahh, good day.


I feel a bit lonely starting a blog that for months or possibly more will be kept a secret from my family and friends. For a long time, I imagine, the only people who will read this will be my husband, myself, and strangers.

Why so secretive, you ask?

Well, our friends and family don’t know we’re trying to create a third member of our happy little family. Only my husband and I know that…and of course now you, my as-yet-faceless Internet friends.

My husband and I decided to keep this latest quest of ours a secret as we don’t want the pressure of expectation, the questions, or the advice. Most of all, the decision to grow our family (and my belly) was an intensely personal and spiritual one made between the two of us, so until there’s a little one inside me we are keeping this monumental decision to ourselves…ourselves and all of you out on the Internets, that is. One day, I hope, when our wish is a reality…then we will share this blog with our nearest and dearest. Will they feel betrayed? I hope not.

So if you have stumbled by and end up deciding to stay awhile, please comment anytime. It’ll make me feel less alone in my secret little blog world, seeking my spirit and seed.