melodic monday, there you are

You know when you start a new habit, and it’s not really a habit yet so you run the distinct risk of forgetting to repeat it? That’s what I almost did today on our second Melodic Monday. But then I was cooking dinner and I remembered I owe you some creative writing, and now I can’t turn away from you guys or put it off. So…I will quickly slide in here that I am much less comfortable with poetry than short stories, but feel that for now poetry is a better format here, so…forgive my lack of poetic know-how and all that. Anyway, all nerves aside…. [clears throat]

will you be? (ruminations on baby)

will you be a rhythm soft,
branches tap tapping
on glass during sleep,
or primal, heavy feet
resonating a warrior’s
thudding beat  in dusty
Earth –

will you be a battle cry
whooping bravely
over treetops during war,
or quiet and meek,
warbling an ancient’s
haunting cry across blue
Air –

will you be a flute’s dance
lilting softly up
across heavens during peace,
or booming drums
beating a waterfall’s
crashing weight into foamy
Water –

will you be a shout joyous
bellowed to the sun
atop a grassy peak,
or a serene whisper
released to the sky,
echoing bliss to the heavens’


at the heart of it all

At the heart of it all, there’s my developing spiritual practice, which is rooted in the practices of Native American shamanism and I am growing more and more able to talk about every day.

At the heart of it all, there is the sweat lodge where my husband and I made the tearful decision to have a baby.

At the heart of it all, there is my writing, about which I am the most passionate and yet most undisciplined. I have wanted to be many things in life (doctor, teacher, surgeon, marine biologist, nurse) but there are two things I have always wanted to be: a mother and a writer.

At the heart of it all, there are our two cats, the children who will have always come first. Meet Chloe and Spencer.

At the heart of it all, there are the four elements — earth, air, fire, and water. This is a picture of my bouquet from our wedding in October. In the bouquet, each of those elements are represented symbolically.

At the heart of it all, there is our love.