things to celebrate with

After finally getting my period yesterday after a seemingly endless 41 days after going off birth control, I’m feeling optimistic and ready to start the baby making in a week or two!

Here are some things I’m celebrating with:


  1. My newfound love, Prosecco. Hey, I might as well enjoy it while I can, right? I had a glass yesterday when hubby and I went out here for pizza, and I’m sitting at my laptop right now with a glass from a bottle we picked up at Publix…okay, I want to say we picked it up today, but it was really after dinner last night.
  2. This amazingly beautiful and whimsical nursery mobile. I have had my eye on this puppy from seller PinkPerch on Etsy (one of my favorite websites) for quite a while now, and I have a feeling one day it’s going to be a focal point in our future baby’s nursery. Just pulling it up online makes my heart dance a little jig.
  3. This awesome birdseed baby duck set. I am waiting on these to arrive in the mail sometime during the next week or so after buying them on Etsy from seller 2birdsinlove. Along with cute, personalized tags and tucked nicely into a tiny bags, they will serve as the favors for one of my best friend’s baby shower I am helping to host in a couple weeks. We’ve known each other since we were 12 and she’s about to have her first child, a little boy.
  4. Ahhh, yoga. Lately hubby and I have starting dipping our toes into the water of yoga. We’ve been trying a couple DVDs, and this week we will celebrate life by going to our first ashram in Atlanta…or okay, well…first ashram ever.
  5. Putting our condo up for sale. Last night, giddy and bouncing up and down around our little twelfth floor two bedroom (about getting my period, of course), I happily joined hubby in cleaning out our catch-all room of a second bedroom so we can begin showing our house for sale; last week I made a flyer for our unit. We’d really like to be living in a single family, preferably with four but definitely with three bedrooms, before having a baby. Hubby wants a music room for his guitar playing and I want a library/craft room/writing room.
  6. Roasted brussels sprouts. We celebrated with those tonight…tossing them, some cauliflower, and some sliced roasted red pepper sausage in olive oil, black pepper, and sea salt. It took about thirty minutes (stirring several times) at 400 degrees and was delicious, especially with a bit of hot sauce dashed on top. We’ve roasted brussels sprouts for a while, but one of my favorite reads, Wit & Whistle, recently reminded me to put it back in the (now celebratory) rotation.

I’m happy this week! What things, activities, or food do you revel in when you feel like celebrating?