happy one year anniversary to me :)

Although I haven’t always been consistent with posting (especially the last couple months since our little one joined the world!) today marks one year since I started my little ol’ blog. It’s hard to believe that a year ago today I began journaling our decision to conceive and today we have a beautiful almost two month old girl in our lives.

Happy one year anniversary to us. ūüôā Thanks for reading.


our last two baby purchases

This weekend Hubby and I made two final pre-baby purchases, the Sony DCRSX44 camcorder and a glider.

Sony DCRSX44

We decided a small camcorder was in our budget (especially with some of the generous gift cards to Target that we received from my boss and some coworkers at the office shower they held for us on my last day Friday) and that we didn’t want to explain one day to our first child why we bought a “real” camcorder when her younger siblings were born but not for her youngest days/months/years. ¬†We actually ended up buying the floor model because they were out of stock, so we saved 20%. ¬†The camcorder is REALLY easy to use and so far we really like it! ¬†We are not able to film the actual moments of birth because of the hospital wanting to limit liability, but we’ve decided to film some of the labor and definitely after the baby is here. ¬†We also want to make a video of the ride home from the hospital (don’t worry, I’ll be filming from the back seat while Hubby drives us home safely.) ¬†Hopefully we’ll find it really easy to post these videos and I can share them with you soon!

We also purchased a small glider and ottoman from The Comfortable Chair store in Roswell. ¬†Unfortunately I can’t find an image of the exact chair we got, but again we got an off-the-floor model and paid $400 after taxes on something that would have originally been about twice the cost. ¬†It doesn’t really fit our modern living room decor, but we decided comfort while nursing was most important. ¬†While we’re trying to be rather minimalist with our baby purchases, the main place I would have been breastfeeding our baby was our couch, which is very low. ¬†To sit comfortably on it you have to scoot verrrry far back — so I don’t think that would be a good long-term solution for our long-term breastfed baby! The glider is sooo comfortable! So far the cats have enjoyed sitting in it with me — I can’t wait to have our baby in it with me!

As of yesterday I am essentially a SAHM, minus the M part — just waiting on that little girl. ¬†We can’t wait to meet her!

14 weeks, 1 day…and planning

I’ve felt a serious lack of motivation lately when it comes to my blogging, and I know it’s showing. I’m sorry. I will try to do better. There is something in particular that I think will help, and it’s first on my list of things I want to have completed by the time the baby gets here in February. Here’s the short list (really in no particular order):

  1. Get a desktop computer and printer – Right now my husband and I each have a laptop, but they are always unplugged and tucked into a corner of our second bedroom in our small condo. The second bedroom is currently essentially the cat room. This makes me never want to pull out the laptop to the living room, where we get on the computer, because it involves dragging the laptop and multiple cords, hooking them in, yada yada yada. My Internet craving is appeased by the use of my iPhone, but it’s hard ¬†to blog on there (typing with thumbs? Yeah, no matter how used to it I become, it’s still hard.) I want a desktop that can be permanently set up. I want to install my Adobe Creative Suites software on it so it’s easier to use (using that on a laptop with no mouse is also hard for me.) Finally, I want a printer at home so I’m not stuck wanting to print things once I’m home with the baby and not able to.
  2. Sell our condo – I will pee my pants, probably literally, if we sell our condo before the baby comes. This would be, like, the most amazing pre-baby present from the universe ever. Hubby and I want to be in a house so bad it almost hurts. If we sell our place before the baby comes, we will rent a place somewhere in Atlanta, probably for six months or so, and then get serious about making our move to Asheville.
  3. Trade in my car – Right now I drive a two-door, 2000 Toyota Solara. I am thinking leaning over into the backseat of a two-door car will not be very conducive to avoiding back injury as I put baby in and out of the carseat, so we are getting rid of the old gal. And I have decided I want a used Honda CRV. At first I thought I wanted a Sequoia or something ginormous, “with at least seven seatbelts,” I told hubby, “so we have room for all our kids AND their friends.” Hubby — ever the practical one, isn’t he?!? — reminded me that we will not be able to populate seven seatbelts anytime soon. Also, I have never driven a big car. So going with the small SUV makes sense to me. I have only ever owned a Toyota, but I would feel comfortable with a Honda as well. I’ve decided I want black and maybe a leather interior, just because I’ve never had leather in my car before. I want at least a 2007 because I believe that’s when the CRV started implementing the LATCH system in all its rear seats. I haven’t done much research about LATCH yet, but couldn’t hurt!
  4. Make all our “minimalist baby” purchases – Okay, don’t get me wrong. I am making NO claims to be a minimalist…but I like the idea, and I like leaning in that direction. Since hubby and I met, we’ve seriously cleaned out our lives. This has meant donating dozens and dozens of bags of clothing, household items, shoes, jewelry — you name it, really — to the Atlanta arm of a national organization we believe in called the IRC. (They’re awesome, check them out — they may be in the city where you live as well. They help refugee families relocate into the US, and become independent and self sufficient in their new homes.) Anyways, back to what I was saying. Now, when it comes to baby purchases, we’re going to be going fairly minimalist. I won’t say we’re truly going minimalist, because a true minimalist would laugh at the list of items I’ve come up with so far. But we’re trying to really think this through and not get things we don’t need. I’m coming up with what I think, for us, will be a really great list, and I enlisted the help of one of my best friends and my mom to help me think through our items. When I’m done, I’ll share it with you here.
  5. Create my home management binder – I got this idea from a blog I just started reading called Want What You Have. If you are a planner, check. out. her. blog. The tools she shares are, in my opinion, incredible. And the beauty of it is you can take what works for you and leave the rest. I was most impressed with her home management binder. If this is something that interests you, you can find all her posts on this topic by scrolling down her main blog page, and under “Blog Index” where it says “Select Label,” pick “Inside the Guide.” She has 26 posts on how to create this amazing home management binder that works for you and contains the things ¬†that you need to keep your life in order. I think this could work for you whether you will be (or are) a stay-at-home mom or whether you juggle outside work and family. I am a huge list-making nerd, so I am looking forward to buying a three-ring binder and sheet protectors, and getting this party started!

I’ve had some fears about staying home after the baby comes. Oh, did I ever tell you that? Yes, I am staying home after baby comes. I am afraid I’ll be lonely, or bored. Or that I’ll slip into a funk and not get off the couch, shower, or do the things I need to do. To avoid this, I know I need the items I mentioned on my list above. I also need:

  1. To make friends and continue to enrich the friendships I currently have, including and most importantly the one I have with my husband (this includes the romance, too – bow chicka wow wow)
  2. To organize my life and create a work schedule, so I don’t feel either a) overwhelmed and like there’s too much on my plate so instead I’ll do nothing, or b) like my new existence at home is purposeless, thus also leading me to become a blob and do nothing
  3. To keep pursuing my current hobbies, explore new ones, and enjoy me time

So there you have it. My plan leading up to baby and my plan for post-baby sanity, in a nutshell. And how am I feeling at 14 weeks, 1 day? Wonderful. I hope this baby is feeling as good as I am. ‚̧

10 years, 11 weeks

Last night I went to my 10-year high school reunion. I must say that I think Facebook has taken some of the fun out of reunions. Everyone already knows what everyone else is doing…who’s married who, who has three kids already, who has been doing something really amazing and changing the world. Last night was also not a very good cross section of our student population. It was primarily the jocks, cheerleaders, and student government folk…of which I was not a member…so….saw some old friends, said hey to some other old acquaintances, and had a decent time…but I’m hoping perhaps the 20 year will be more interesting and diverse.

In other news, tomorrow we are 11 weeks pregnant with our little Midz! We have our next appointment with the midwife group and I am wondering if we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat. I’ll have my iPhone all ready to go so I can make a sound and/or video recording, and if we’re able to do that I’ll definitely try to post it on here. I have heard the heartbeat sounds like galloping horses. So, so far we have the heartbeat that LOOKS like a twinkling star and SOUNDS like galloping horses…could the imagery get much more beautiful than that?

back from curacao

I wanted to write you yesterday, my dear blog friends, but yesterday was…exhausting. Hubby and I just got back from our vacation to Curacao and I felt like I was plunged into pure insanity at the office. Although I didn’t know it until I walked in the office doors on Monday, we made three big-time new hires the week I was gone, and Monday was their first day. Being in marketing, we have a lot to do to get them up and going…so it was and has continued to be even busier than normal. Unfortunately, that meant I instantly felt like I needed a vacation again.

But we did have a great week, despite the sad fact that we actually found the locals to be very unfriendly and the service to be subpar of the laid-back service I understand is often par for the course in the Caribbean. Aside from that…the trip was great. We were truly relaxed, had a great time together, and enjoyed the island. We fed ostriches, saw an aloe plantation, saw the biggest waves I have ever seen, ate great food, snorkeled, and enjoyed each other’s company. Hubby even swam with dolphins, and I did a waist-deep encounter (unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to swim with them because I’m pregnant — must be a liability issue in case those strong tails turn your way). Here are a few photos from our trip:

Beautiful Dutch architecture (the island is part of the Netherlands Antilles)

My excellent choice for a beach read: ocean's inhabitants launch attack on mankind

Our legs...loving each other and the view from pool to beach

In other VERY exciting news…we switched from my OBGYN to a midwife practice! We’re so incredibly excited about the decision, which we made yesterday after a consultation. In another post soon I’ll share with you the questions we asked and the difference in answers we received from the midwives versus my OBGYN, which I felt were very telling and, for us, made the decision very easy for us. More on that soon…

still here

Hey guys…wanted to let you know that, yes, I am still here. I am doing well but have had a very busy week with little access to a computer when not at work.

Tomorrow morning hubby and I are going on a tropical vacation through Saturday night. I will tell you more about it when we are back and will also catch you up on other things…like the two consultations we have with midwife groups next week!

Take care, have a great week, happy fourth of July to my American readers, and talk to you soon. I am so ready for this vacation.