About Me

Hi! So you’re wondering what spirit and seed is all about…well:

My husband — who I like to call Hubby — and I live in a high-rise condo in Atlanta with our two cats, Chloe and Spencer. Our condo is currently on the market (has been for over a year now, though!) and we are dreaming of possibly relocating to Asheville, North Carolina. We both feel drawn to living in a new place, and I’d like to be more equidistant to our families, who live in suburban Atlanta and Raleigh, North Carolina. Our first child — a girl I refer to as FJ around these parts — was born on February 12, 2011.

I am now a stay at home momma and hubby, although he is very much in the corporate world, is my kinda hippie, very kindred spirit. Together we go to shamanic spirituality retreats, sit at an altar of sorts in our home called a Mesa (no, we aren’t praying to it or devil-worshipping — yikes — it’s more like a meditation tool — I’ll talk more about it someday) and had djembe drummers play at our shamanic wedding.

Hubby is 32 and I am 28. I studied English and writing in school, and I love to write (although I am out of practice and get to brush up on it here — aren’t you lucky?) I also enjoy taking dance classes — especially belly dance, although I haven’t taken a class yet since FJ was born. Hubby studied business in school, and now does long-distance cycling, plays guitar, and has apprenticed in glassblowing. Together we are big into volunteer work, trying out new restaurants, supporting our local farmers, being healthy, taking walks around our city, and watching movies.

Hubby and I imagine we’d like to have a big family, and will possibly want to adopt some children as well as definitely have some more of our own. We hope to raise our family around unconditional love and acceptance, and teach our children to be unconditionally loving and accepting of others. We can’t wait to see what they’ll teach us, too. This blog follows my journey from the day we decided to conceive a child all the way through conception and birth of our little one, and beyond.  I explore topics related to pregnancy, birth, natural parenting, attachment parenting, and breastfeeding.

Thanks for dropping by!

Also, if you want to visit another mini blog of mine and see TONS of photos of little FJ, please feel free to follow us here.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I was searching for information on conception and babies; landed on Vibrational Child, and have really enjoyed reading through your site. It is extensive and full of interesting and insightful information.
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    Your readers would find my site useful and I wondered if you would like to link to me? I think the sites are complimentary and that we would both benefit from linking.
    I would be happy to contribute articles or guest postings to your site in return, as well as promoting your articles and content on my Twitter and Facebook sites.
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    Warm regards,
    Maggie Ewles

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