six months and an official blogging hiatus

FJ at 6 months
FJ at 6 months

As you can probably tell things seem to be winding down over here at Spirit and Seed, for now at least.   My free time waned with the birth of my daughter, and the time I do have I am spending on other pursuits — reading, working on my childbirth educator certification, and contributing to the mom’s group some friends and I started a few months back. I want to give my few readers some forewarning that my already few and far between posts are coming to a definite (reality-wise), indefinite (time-wise) stop soon. I have just been feeling some guilt about not posting on the blog, but not wanting to post on the blog, and I think I’ll feel better when I take an offical hiatus. I do plan to continue posting little things over on Facebook as the mood strikes me, so feel free to follow me there, and I will leave this blog live and probably return to it someday, so if you have enjoyed it, I’d love for you to keep it in your Google Reader or whatever you use to read blogs so that one day you may wake up to the surprise of a new post. 🙂

That being said, I don’t want this to be the last post I leave you with for quite some time…I plan to write a new parenting retrospective in the next week or so and will say “until next time” then.



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