five months

five months

This photo was taken around July 12 — I know, I know — will you forgive me for just posting now?

The month leading up to this photo was a good month for us. It was a big turning point for FJ in terms of how “difficult” I felt she was, although I feel like I really have to say that I don’t feel it has ever gotten easy. In fact, I think she meets all the characteristics Dr. Sears lays out for the high needs baby.  Without this list I wasn’t quite sure how to describe her…she’s sensitive, yes…but how do you describe how a baby is sensitive? It’s hard to put into words. She’s such a smiley, happy baby, so sometimes I think it’s hard for others to see. I see it though. And I know I may be going out on a bit of a limb here, but I think she feels things very deeply and her highs are sublime but her lows are intensely felt as well. As Hubby likes to say, she’s our “sensitive buddy” and may have a bit of melodrama in her, a la her mother.


2 thoughts on “five months

  1. I have a 3 1/2 month old who definitely qualifies as a “high needs” baby. It is nice to know that someone else has struggled in the first few months because so many of the blogs that I read make it sound like everyone else has super easy, angel babies. My son cries a lot (mostly when tired) and needs to be held all day long. We cosleep and he takes all of his naps in our arms. Although things are getting easier (or maybe I am getting more accustomed to it?), we still have really rough days occasionally. The other day I found this quote on Dr. Sears’ website, and it really helped me gain perspective:

    “I have never met a high need child who doesn’t have one or more outstanding, positive character traits that, if found and nurtured, will later work to their advantage. The trick is to find them. It’s so easy to let the negatives camouflage the positives. Sometimes you have to pick a lot of weeds to see the flowers bloom.”

    • Thank you for sharing! I can totally relate. I think you’re barely coming out of that age that is really the roughest, especially for a fussier baby. I have learned that it will get better but there will be growth spurts and other developmental regressions. For example, we cosleep happily and it has been AWESOME from the beginning. Well, as of like a month ago Fiona was waking up and rocking back and forth ,crying, TONS of times a night — she had NEVER done that before (used to be just a whimper to nurse and that was it.) It went on for like a month but seems to be waning. I think she is about to master crawling. Anyway, that’s all to say I think in general everything gets “easier” but there’s never a moment that’s like, “ah ha! now it’s on cruise control from here on out!” I too know many people and read many blogs that make it seem like everything is just peachy all the time. It’s nice to know that’s not the true picture of motherhood, no matter how much we love our babes. xo

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