the most magical sound in the world

The most magical sound in the world has to be your child’s laughter. We heard it for the first time yesterday. Hubby was making faces at her and she let out several utterly adorable giggles, one after another. The night before we thought we heard one small laugh escape, but last night we were certain.

I have a book on birthday celebrations and was perusing it recently for first birthday ideas (don’t ask me why — she’s not even three months yet!) and was so interested to read this passage:

“There is an old Navajo tradition of the ‘Laugh Day’ which was given more significance for a child than their birthday.  It was on ‘Laugh Day’ that the child was truly seen to respond to life, with a joy freely expressed.  The person for whom the baby had first laughed was assumed to have a special relationshipwith the child and was therefore invited to become godparent.  In this way it was laughter which began the developemnt of a spiritual life.”

Wow, typing this just now truly brought tears to my eyes as it was my husband who brought out that spark in our daughter and elicited her first laughs.  Of course he can’t be a godparent as he’s an actual parent, but I know he will nurture her spiritual growth throughout her life.  I love the idea that this marks a beginning of FJ existing as a multidimensional person truly interacting with the world around her.

May 1…FJ’s laugh day.  Do you remember your child’s ‘Laugh Day?’


This is not a photo of FJ on her actual laugh day, but it looked similarly sweet.


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