and so begins my great cloth diaper experiment

Today I got a much anticipated package in the mail from Green Mountain Diapers — my first foray into the world of cloth diapering! Coincidentally, this Saturday is Earth Day…truly a coincidence. So why now, you may ask? I have just been doing a lot of thinking about how much waste we generate from our disposable diapers…it is truly SO much non (or barely??!?) biodegradable waste that it makes me sad to throw it down our trash chute every couple days! Not to mention the high cost of disposable diapering; I think in the end we will actually save money (over the long run) if we switch fully (or mostly) to cloth diapering — especially, as my friend reminded me, since cloth diapers can usually be passed down to your next or another child.

For now we are trying what appeared to be one of the most economical of the seemingly endless cloth diapering choices — prefolds paired with covers. I bought a couple types of Bummis covers as I read they are good for chubby little legs (which FJ most certainly has.) In fact, I just posted a photo of the covers we bought on our Tumblr site — if you check it out close to when I publish this post it should be one of the most recent if not the most recent photo there. 🙂 Right now I have my prefolds washing and drying (and washing and drying and washing and drying and…you get the picture) so they are absorbent and ready to use.

As I am TRULY a newbie in the cloth diapering world, I thought I’d share with you some resources I used to get started, and some interesting articles and pointers I’ve found along the way:

  • Natural Parents Network did a good round-up/summary of cloth diapering here.
  • For all its horrible webpage formatting, I found Green Mountain Diapers a good resource. In particular, check out their new to cloth page.
  • Some of the lingo is different (if you’re from the US like me) but Alternative Mama wrote a beginner’s guide to “cloth nappies” that’s full of helpful information.
  • The Subfertile Frugalista is doing a Cloth Diapering 101 week in celebration of Earth Week. Check out her first post here.
  • Jillian’s Drawers offers what looks to me like a pretty cool cloth diapering trial program. Have you ever done one of these trials??? I’d love to hear from you if so! I love the idea of trying a lot of kinds to see what works best for us (alhough knowing me I’d fall in love with the most expensive option. ;))
  • Already an expert at cloth diapering? Write for Natural Parents Network’s cloth diapering book.

Do you cloth diaper? What do you find to be the best kind of cloth diaper solution for you and your family? I keep hearing great things about AIO or AI2s (forgive me if I’m writing the acronyms incorrectly — All in Ones and All in Twos are what I mean :)) but to me that seems to be substantially more expensive as in most cases for those you have to wash the entire thing each time (except in the case of snap-in liners instead of pockets.) I do like the idea of something wicking the moisture away from FJ’s bum instead of sitting closer to it, like it will with the prefolds. Whatcha think?


6 thoughts on “and so begins my great cloth diaper experiment

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post! 🙂 Good luck getting started with cloth. I can totally 100% recommend pocket nappies, they’re totally fab! We use mostly pockets with a few AIO’s/SIO’s and prefolds as stash-boosters.

  2. We’ve been cloth diapering from moment one, and we absolutely love it. It saves a ton of money, is great for baby’s skin, and it’s so cute. Diaper changes can be a lot of fun when you’re reaching for adorable prints and colors. And while folks are still debating, as I reach for my used cloth diapers that have already seen 4 baby’s bums before mine I imagine this must be a slightly “greener” option.

  3. I look forward to hearing how you like them. I go back and forth, but all of the washing and drying…and pre-washing in the toilet I don’t know if I want to do all that work. The brand you chose is perhaps easier/quicker to dry than others, so that might be nice.

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