what surprised me about childbirth

At my two-week postpartum visit (yes, my midwife practice has both a two-week visit and an eight-week; the two-week is just for a verbal “how ya doin’?”) I ran into my fabulous childbirth class instructor, who is (was? maybe she had her baby already??) pregnant. She asked Hubby and I that day what surprised us about childbirth, a question I hadn’t until that point considered.

We told her how fast everything went was what surprised us, and that’s true. I was expecting to have to use tons of coping techniques and be laboring for hours and hours, especially as a first time mom. Instead, my water broke at 7:15 pm and FJ joined us at 12:37, just after midnight — and I only had to use my slow paced breathing.

But after reflecting on the question later, I realized another thing that surprised me about that night was the complication we ran into after labor. I think I went into my labor with such an uber-healthy outlook on things that I hadn’t even considered that anything “scary” could happen, and when it kinda did, I was really thrown for a loop…especially because it happened a couple hours after FJ was born. At that point I felt like I was on top of the world — I had just birthed a BABY out of my BODY. (Roarrrr, right??? ;)) She was healthy and I did it…what could possibly be wrong in the world?

But looking back I wouldn’t change a thing about my preparation for our experience, and I won’t go into the second childbirth with more fear in my heart. The situation was handled and it could be handled again, if necessary. I think my healthy outlook on things played a key role in how everything went. Also I still trust my body to bring life into the world, and I am still open to considering a home birth next time around. I’m not so sure if hubby is on board, but we’ll see.

What surprised you about childbirth?

Water baby

Our birth was so fast we didn't get our water birth -- but the water got all over the floor!


2 thoughts on “what surprised me about childbirth

  1. What surprised me was that it really wasn’t a physical matter at all. It was a complete Creative Process from the Highest Point down through to the body. After childbirth I knew, absolutely, that I was part of God’s Creative Process. I had never been left out and never would be. The adventure has just begun.

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