ideas for things to do with a new baby

Being a new mom can be really lonely. Once the hullabaloo wears down and the visitors fade away, and in my case hubby returns to work, you’re often at home all day feeling starved for adult conversation and sunshine. That’s not to say I don’t love being at home with my darling baby — I do. But it’s a whole new world.

While trying to remedy my mild case of the blues and come up with some ideas for ways to get out of the house, I stumbled across Rookie Moms.  This site is so much fun! It has tons of ideas for activities and things to do to get out of the house, and is grouped by age of child! I have had a great time browsing the Months 1-3 category of their blog. You can follow them on Facebook, too!

Next I made my own list of things to do, based on things I like to do and places near my house. Here it is:

  1. Go to the bookstore
  2. Go to the coffee shop
  3. Go for a smoothie
  4. Go to the drugstore  — exciting list, huh? baby steps…
  5. Go out for lunch — and here I listed some places I wouldn’t feel too freaked out to NIP…hopefully eventually I’ll feel comfortable enough to do that just about anywhere
  6. Walk around the neighborhood
  7. Walk to the duck pond
  8. Visit Daddy (Hubby) at work
  9. Go to the mall
  10. Go to the movie theatre
  11. Go to the park
  12. Go to the library and/or story time at the library — will I be totally lame for taking a two-month-old to story time when she’ll probably sleep through the whole thing? you tell me; I have yet to go for that very reason)
  13. Go to a LLL meeting (once a month in my area — have been once and LOVE it!
  14. Go to the farmer’s market
  15. Participate in Fearless Fridays — I LOVE this idea. I go this idea from Rookie Moms. The concept is you do what you are afraid of on that day! For me that’s nursing in public, so my goal is to force myself to go somewhere and be out long enough that I’ll have to nurse FJ. Okay, so I haven’t done a fearless Friday yet. But I will!!
  16. Go to Toys ‘r Us/Babies r Us (even though they are ridiculous, full of plastic, and overpriced, they are a good place to take a baby who may end up crying!)
All bundled up for the April LLL meeting

All bundled up for the April LLL meeting

What does your list consist of? Can you share some more ideas with me? Thanks in advance!

FJ’s Mom


6 thoughts on “ideas for things to do with a new baby

  1. Love meeting a new reader who blogs! Congrats on your darling baby and on going to an LLL meeting (that counts as public nursing, btw!)

    Please stay in touch as you go through the activities on I’m going to post a new one today!

  2. I hear you! I’m home with Henry who just turned six weeks today.

    I love your list! I’m definitely going to take Henry to see his dad at work (and bring lunch!).

    The only thing I would add is hang out with other new moms. It’s making a world of difference for my sanity.

    I wish we lived in the same town!

  3. Oh I so remember how isolating it can be with a brand new baby! It sounds like you’re doing great 🙂 we used to go to baby groups nearly every day (our local Childrens Centre runs a bunch of free ones) and to visit friends all. the. time. Anything to get out of the house!! Lol.

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