my top pregnancy read recommendations

There are so many options out there in terms of what you can read during your pregnancy. Now at 40+ weeks, looking back on this wonderful and joyous experience, I feel like I’m coming from a pretty good perspective to give you my opinion of what was helpful to me during this journey. So for what it’s worth here are my picks for my top pregnancy reads. If you are going to read nothing else but a handful of things during your pregnancy, then these are the reads I would recommend going with:

  • CHILDBIRTH/CONFIDENCE: — Ina May’s Guide to ChildbirthRead this book to gain confidence in your body and in the fact that your body knows how to birth your baby! Even if you don’t agree with all of the “crunchy” ideals, I think this book will be of great benefit to you and your psyche as you prepare for birth.
  • BREASTFEEDING — The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding — If you read one book on breastfeeding, I’d recommend this one.
  • CONNECTING WITH YOUR BABY Meditations for Pregnancy — Hubby and I read these weekly meditations throughout my pregnancy, taking turns reading each week.  While again a little crunchy, I don’t think it would be off-putting to the “non-crunchy” crowd and I think it’s a great way to connect with your partner (if you have one/if possible) and your unborn child.  It was written by the creator of the hypnobirthing method. If this book doesn’t resonate with you, I would suggest finding one that does.  We looked forward to this time every week.
  • PREGNANCYBabycenter updates — I do NOT recommend What to Expect When Expecting or any similar book.  I was unable to find one that I didn’t feel was alarmist; they all seemed to focus a great deal of energy each chapter on the things that could be going wrong, and that wasn’t the tone I wanted to set for my pregnancy.  I had a basic awareness of issues that I needed to be aware of, and beyond that I didn’t think it would be healthy for me to focus on the potential negative.  Instead, I found that the weekly pregnancy updates from were actually very mother- and baby-friendly, and informative.
  • BABY CARE — Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book — Again, this book is not fear-based and is breastfeeding and attachment parenting friendly.  If you are interested in those concepts, I would absolutely recommend exploring this book.

What books did you enjoy during your pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “my top pregnancy read recommendations

  1. I’m currently 25 weeks and have to agree with you about What to Expect…being a scary read. I think sometimes the BabyCenter emails have the same tone towards the end. My advice to newly pregnant ladies is to relax, realize not every ache, twinge, sensation means the baby is in peril! If I only knew that then…

    I’m re-reading Ina May’s Childbirth book now that I am more comfortable with the idea of me birthing out a baby! I was overwhelmed early on and couldn’t wrap my mind around it until I had some nice conversations with the doulas we interviewed.

    I work from home and listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts. I LOVE Pregtastic — especially their birth stories. They get some awesome guests and provide such a well-rounded look at pregnancy, birth, first months. I also would recommend New Moms, New Babies, Progressive Parenting, and the FeministBreeder. These were/are insightful and light hearted.

    I’ve been reading some developmental type books and baby’s first year stuff. I loved Nurture Shock — it’s sort of like a Malcolm Gladwell spin on raising kids. I also read the Happiest Baby on the Block which focuses on the 5 “S” and the 4th trimester concept — you can google the info over reading the book but it was informative.

    Enjoy the next few days of pregnancy and hope you have an wonderful birth. I think birth sets the tone for your first few days with baby so I hope it’s better than what you and your husband could hope for!

  2. I loved the weekly updates from and their magazine. I also really liked anything my Dr. Sears and I read then reread Birthing from Within by Pam England.

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