40-week update

Wanted to give you an update on babyland after our 40-week midwife appointment today.

Last week I was 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. This week I am 2 cm dilated and about 70-80% effaced. The older (local legend) midwife we saw today also said the baby is lower and things are ripe and ready to go. πŸ˜‰ She stimulated my cervix a bit too (didn’t sweep the membranes but did stimulate the area a bit) which could have some helpful effect.

While it’s all guesswork her guess is that we’ll have a baby within the next week. She said “go ahead and make your 41-week appointment, but I’d be surprised if you need to keep it.” So who really knows, but that would be great! πŸ™‚

Here’s my 40-week photo:
40 weeks
Hope you are all having a great week! We can’t wait to meet this little girl!

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