our last two baby purchases

This weekend Hubby and I made two final pre-baby purchases, the Sony DCRSX44 camcorder and a glider.

Sony DCRSX44

We decided a small camcorder was in our budget (especially with some of the generous gift cards to Target that we received from my boss and some coworkers at the office shower they held for us on my last day Friday) and that we didn’t want to explain one day to our first child why we bought a “real” camcorder when her younger siblings were born but not for her youngest days/months/years.  We actually ended up buying the floor model because they were out of stock, so we saved 20%.  The camcorder is REALLY easy to use and so far we really like it!  We are not able to film the actual moments of birth because of the hospital wanting to limit liability, but we’ve decided to film some of the labor and definitely after the baby is here.  We also want to make a video of the ride home from the hospital (don’t worry, I’ll be filming from the back seat while Hubby drives us home safely.)  Hopefully we’ll find it really easy to post these videos and I can share them with you soon!

We also purchased a small glider and ottoman from The Comfortable Chair store in Roswell.  Unfortunately I can’t find an image of the exact chair we got, but again we got an off-the-floor model and paid $400 after taxes on something that would have originally been about twice the cost.  It doesn’t really fit our modern living room decor, but we decided comfort while nursing was most important.  While we’re trying to be rather minimalist with our baby purchases, the main place I would have been breastfeeding our baby was our couch, which is very low.  To sit comfortably on it you have to scoot verrrry far back — so I don’t think that would be a good long-term solution for our long-term breastfed baby! The glider is sooo comfortable! So far the cats have enjoyed sitting in it with me — I can’t wait to have our baby in it with me!

As of yesterday I am essentially a SAHM, minus the M part — just waiting on that little girl.  We can’t wait to meet her!


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