our latest and greatest birth plan

At the suggestion of several friends and my fabulous childbirth class instructor, hubby and I decided to revise our birth plan — primarily adding bullet points so it’s easier to read at a glance and also adding a couple things.  Here’s what we came up with:

Our Family’s Birth Preferences

My husband and I view our daughter’s birth as a very spiritual, emotional time in which the two of us will become a family of three as we usher a soul into the world.  We hope her birth will be a gentle, calm, and powerful experience and thank you for helping us toward that goal.


  • My husband, doula, midwife, and any nursing staff necessary are the only people who should be present in the labor and delivery room if at all possible.
  • I would like the lights dimmed and my husband and I may bring music to play during labor.  
  • I want to be mobile during labor when at all possible and hope to deliver our baby in the water.  

Pain Management:

  • I plan on an unmedicated birth and ask that the staff supports me in my decision to instead use deep relaxation and breathing techniques.
  • I insist on informed consent prior to any medications, procedures, or interventions.  
  • If I request pain relief, I would like if at all possible for that to be given in the form of pain coping techniques — massage, acupressure, water, etc.

Delivery and Post-Labor:

  • My husband would like to be asked on the day we deliver whether he would like to help catch the baby and to cut the umbilical cord, and may decide to do so.  
  • I want to hold the baby immediately upon delivery unless medically impossible — and, if I deliver in the tub, would like the baby returned to me immediately after getting into the bed for skin to skin contact and to begin nursing.
  • We would like our baby’s eye ointment and vitamin K shot delayed until after we have had this time after birth to bond, and will be declining her Hep B vaccination at this time.
  • My husband will later spend time with the baby, skin to skin.  
  • Our baby should not be given bottles of formula, water, or glucose, or a pacifier.  
  • She should not be taken from our room unless medically necessary and we consent.

Thank you for doing your best to respect our wishes and help us have the gentle, calm, and powerful birth we hope to experience.


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