my labor and birth packing list

It snowed today in Atlanta, so much (for here) that our office was closed for the day. On top of installing my GPS in my new mom-mobile (just a small SUV) and putting the stroller in my trunk, I’ve worked on packing our things for the hospital since I will be 36 weeks on Wednesday. There are lots of hospital and labor packing lists on the Internet, so for what it’s worth — here’s mine.

To pack for me:

  • Focal point (this is the beaded necklace that was made by the women at my shower — I will try to use it as my focal point while breathing during labor)
  • List of last-minute items to pack — I will affix this to the outside of our bags I’m packing today so we don’t forget any of these last-minute items:
    • More perishable snacks, like fruit or fruit bars
    • Cell phones
    • Wallets/purse (with ID and insurance info)
    • Coats
  • Water birth certificate
  • Birth plan
  • Hospital registration confirmation (turns out I didn’t really pack this…all I got from the hospital was an automatic email saying “you’re registered” but no confirmation number or anything, but you may want to include this)
  • Call and email lists (I didn’t really pack this but have already drafted a “baby’s here” email with the recipients ready to go)
  • Labor tools list and birth affirmations list
  • Pediatrician info (programmed into my phone, not packed)
  • Lip balm
  • Hair brush
  • Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste
  • Deodorant, face wash, moisturizer, makeup (for me this will include just my “essentials” of concealer, mascara, and eyebrow pencil…which I may not even touch!), shampoo/conditioner, lotion, ponytail holders
  • Change for snacks from the vending machine
  • Cell phone charger (I happened to have an extra one, so I am going ahead and packing that now)
  • Camera/charger
  • Going home clothes
  • Heavy flow pads
  • Birthing gown (I am bringing my own)
  • iPod with relaxation CD and any other music selections loaded (in my case I loaded a playlist onto my iPhone)
  • iPod or iPhone speakers
  • 2 pairs socks/non-skid
  • Robe
  • Nursing bra/pads (I don’t think I’ll need the pads one day into breastfeeding, but I just threw some in just in case)
  • Birthing ball
  • Undies
  • Pen/notebook (I stuffed all my labor tool sheets, water birth certificate, etc. in here)
  • Kashi bars/nuts/any other non-perishable snacks you may want
  • Floaty pillow/swim ring for my water birth
  • Antibacterial soap, which we may or may not use before getting in the tub
  • Fish net (take a guess what that could be used for)
  • Cord blood storage kit

To pack for hubby:

  • Swim trunks
  • Change of clothes
  • Hygiene items (for what will hopefully be a one-night stay, he really just needs toothbrush and toothpaste, and can use my shampoo, etc.)

To pack for baby:

  • Blanket
  • Hat, socks, warm going-home outfit (I am packing in two sizes — newborn and 0-3)
  • A few diapers and wipes, just in case

I also decided to pack a labor bag and an “after baby’s here” bag for my items, so they’re split up and we know that everything we will or may need during the labor is in one place. I know I may be a bit overprepared but sometimes I like it that way, and I try to do it all with a sense of calmness and excitement.


8 thoughts on “my labor and birth packing list

  1. I brought some fruit cups with me for while I was laboring…I had to sneak them while the nurses weren’t looking but they really hit the spot! The fruit satisfied my hunger while the juice they were packed in was totally refreshing and delicious =)

    • Absolutely! I will work on those posts right now. 🙂 I know you and probably some other people who read this have births coming up soon, so I would love to share this with you while you can still possibly gain some insight from it for this birth. I will work on scheduling them over the next week.

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