my pregnancy hemorrhoid treatment kit

It’s not glamorous, as the title of this post certainly suggests, but on the advice of my midwife I have compiled an arsenal of products to fight these awful hemorrhoids I am facing. I even bought a little leopard print bag so I can take what Hubby and I have taken to calling my “butt pack” to and from the restroom at work – ha! So here’s my routine:

Three times per day:

  • Wipe with Tucks witch hazel pad, or when at home create my own Tucks pad with my big ol’ bottle of pure witch hazel and a makeup-type pad I got at the drugstore
  • Apply a homeopathic Arnica gel externally
  • Take an Arnica homeopathic pill (dissolves under my tongue)
  • Take another homeopathic pill — aesculus hippocastanum (also dissolves under my tongue)
  • Apply a few drops of geranium essential oils to one of those makeup-type pads, stick it where the sun don’t shine, and leave it for a couple hours

Some evenings:

  • Epsom salt bath

Every evening:

  • Do one application of a few drops of cypress essential oils onto a makeup-type pad (dilute with some water and/or witch hazel)
  • Do an application of a prescription version of anusol gel

Is my arsenal not intense??? But so far, the hemorrhoid is STILL THERE! Thankfully it is not hurting anymore, and it’s not uncomfortable either. It seems to have gone from one large hemorrhoid to what looks like several smaller ones…I take that as evidence of reduced swelling…and since filling that prescription the other day it seems to continue to go down. My next midwife appointment is at 35 weeks next Thursday. She told me to call her if it gets worse, and that I may need to see a specialist. It absolutely hasn’t gotten worse, but I AM still worried about pushing! What if it starts bleeding again then???

Does anyone have any experience with hemorrhoids during labor/pushing?

I feel like I should include a mini disclaimer here to let you know I’m not condoning this arsenal of products or suggesting you try it if you have hemorrhoids; it’s just what I am putting all my hope in right now!


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