28 weeks and head down

We had a great 28-week appointment this morning. Baby has turned head down (hopefully to stay!) and our midwife let both hubby and I put our hands under hers to feel the baby’s head (yes, my husband had his hands essentially down my pants.) 🙂 We also had our appointment with the older, veteran midwife of the group (there are two in our practice) who we’ve only met once, so it was great to see her again as she could definitely be the one delivering our little one (it’ll be one of the two.) I now feel completely comfortable with whoever walks through the door on the day we go into the hospital.

Here are some videos I took yesterday while waiting for hubby to come home from work. You can see baby moving my belly around! If you need help determining where to look, check out my descriptions of the videos themselves in YouTube.

And here’s my 28-week photo we took this morning. Hope you all have a great week!

28 weeks


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