27 weeks and considering rhythm

This week I am 27 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Yes, I’m a little hairier than usual, and yes, I might cry after a particularly tiring trip to the grocery store, but I feel wonderful.  My belly is big and, might I venture to say, looks pretty when the light shines off of it, like an oversized ornament. I googled “27 weeks” yesterday and saw photos of babies born at 27 weeks. I can’t believe a tiny human is inside me!

This week I have been contemplating one of my favorite topics related to making our house a home — creating rhythm in the household. Hubby and I first stumbled across this idea when we attended La Leche League’s Georgia parenting conference this summer. One of the speakers charmed me as she nursed her baby, who would intermittently crawl calmly under the chair beneath her and while in her lap nursing would go limp in her arms in (what I thought looked like) a milk bliss. I think that was actually one of the first times I’ve ever seen someone nurse a baby before, certainly without a cover, and being at a LLL parenting conference, it certainly wasn’t the last time that day. 🙂 That in itself had a very positive impact on me. Also the topic she spoke on inspired hubby and me.

Carrie over at The Parenting Passageway spoke about creating rhythm in your home.  A rhythm is different than a schedule in that it is not set in stone, but implies a general, gentle flow to your day, a flow that she argues (and I believe) helps children thrive as they can recognize an order (like a massage that comes before story time, and story time that comes before bed time, for example) and some sort of sense of structure without rigidity. I don’t believe in putting babies on a schedule. I wouldn’t want to be told, for example, I could only eat every three hours, with no snacks or water in between. I’ll let our baby guide us as to when she is hungry. But a rhythm — that I can get behind. Around and beyond our daily rhythm, we will look out to a macro scale and create monthly and yearly rhythms to our lives (holidays and other special days to celebrate, etc.) In all of this I hope to focus on a connection to nature, love, each other, and others.

Today I discovered another site that I feel I am going to love, Rhythm of the Home. From what I can tell from my quick explorations of the site this morning, articles are published on the site on a quarterly basis, with the autumn “issue” currently out. The articles are divided into four categories: warmth, play, celebration, and connection. The site is visually impactful, with each article represented not by a text link but by a lovely photograph. I would suggest checking it out if the idea of rhythm in your home (along with other ideals of natural parenting) are of interest to you.


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