24 weeks, and i am in love

I am in love with this baby and I am in love with my husband! He is so sweet and supportive. I can’t imagine being with anyone else…I am so glad I found him. Today was our 24-week appointment with the midwife group. I had to take my one-hour glucose test (really not that bad) and the midwife felt the baby’s position for the first time. It was amazing that she could feel limbs and her head through my stomach! Wild! She seems to be kind of to the side right now, with her head up near my right upper torso. It’s still early, though…plenty of time to move that baby down into position!

Here’s my 24-week photo. I know I had been cutting my head off my photos before posting, but really you all can link to my YouTube videos and see my face there, so why bother?

24 weeks

This weekend hubby and I are celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it has been a year since our wedding…we are going on a mini vacation to the mountains to celebrate! Can’t wait!


One thought on “24 weeks, and i am in love

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I just recently celebrated our anniversary, too. We are truly lucky women to have such supportive, good men in our lives!

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