23 weeks, 2 days, and dreaming!

As of Wednesday I am 23 weeks pregnant with this little sweetie. Most recently, my nights have been dominated by really interesting dreams. I must say that since I became pregnant, my already wild dream world (think constant post-apocalyptic dreamscapes with me as the leader of a group struggling to survive) became even wilder.  Over the last couple of weeks, the dreams have focused more and more on this little one inside of me. Here are a few highlights from this week:

  • I dreamed Hubby and I were hanging out on a big, circular couch with a bunch of friends, and I suggested that everyone take a nap. (Go figure that my sleepiness makes its way into my dreams!) One of my cats, Chloe, is on the couch too, but when I look down she has become our little miss. She has a darker complexion than I do, more olive-toned, like my hubby’s, and is crawling around in a diaper.
  • Another night…little miss is there again, again in the diaper (what is it with me and not dressing my baby in my dreams? Just looks comfy and fun to just be in a diaper, I guess! haha) and crawling around. This time she has fair skin and blondish curls. She is smiling.
  • Finally I dreamed we were at the hospital and I was in labor, but I was really confused because it wasn’t hurting and I kept wondering if we should have waited until it actually hurt before we went to the hospital.  Hmmm, maybe that dream will really come true and it won’t hurt at all? Not counting on it, but wouldn’t that be cool!?? Haha!
  • Last night I didn’t dream about the baby (that I can remember) but I did dream that I was hungry and fixing myself a bowl of cereal with raisins. Nom nom.

My waking moments are becoming more and more focused on our growing family, and now my dreams are too. I can’t wait to meet her and see what she really looks and acts like. I want to see her smile and her eyes light up. Soon enough… 🙂


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