22 weeks…happy national midwifery week!

I just learned from my midwife group, Intown Midwifery, that this week is National Midwifery Week! Back in July I talked about why we switched from an OBGYN to a midwife group. I am happy to say I support the midwifery model of care in which a pregnancy is not treated as an illness. I know there are plenty of good OBGYNs out there and I certainly don’t want to bash them, but for me this was the only way to go.

To celebrate national midwifery week, I “challenge” you to watch The Business of Being Born (if you haven’t already.) Watching this documentary solidified for my husband and me the feeling that we wanted to find a practice other than our former OBGYN. It is a documentary on midwifery care and home births that was done by Ricki Lake, and I think it was done really well.

If you watch it (or have already), let me know what you think. Happy National Midwifery Week! (And happy 22 weeks to this baby! She’s doing well and moving around more than ever!)


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