21 weeks…and here comes fall!

Fall is coming in Atlanta. I can feel it in the wind on my face when I walk outside, and I can see it in the leaves on the trees that are starting already to change to hues of gold and orange. I told Hubby recently that I always forget how much I love Autumn until it’s upon us again. Now my mind is swirling with images of apple cider, warm scarves, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, Halloween parades, corn mazes, and hey, who knows — maybe even bobbing for apples.

In other “makes me feel warm inside” news, yesterday I hit 21 weeks pregnant, which means less weeks ahead of us than there are behind. I’m still feeling like this whole experience is a bit surreal. Did we really make a baby? Really??!? And then her pokes and prods remind me that, yes, we did.

Did I tell you my breasts have started leaking? That’s interesting. Aside from leaking, I can express colostrum on command now. I don’t do it often but every once in a while I pause, topless, wondering if it’s still in there — and <squeeeeeze> — yup! It is! I’m finding it amazing that my body is preparing already for the baby it’ll soon be feeding, and I’m so grateful that I will be able to feed our child.

I continue to feel healthy and good. Aside from some minor numbness in my rear from having a job that necessitates me sitting for most of the day, I am a-okay. My round belly continues to amaze me and I love watching it grow. I’m just really…happy.


One thought on “21 weeks…and here comes fall!

  1. Awesome. That all sounds so sweet. I am really looking forward to something fallish. I bought pumpkins for the front step, but had to take them inside when it kept getting above ninety. Silly, California.

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