last week was 20 weeks

How are we (“technically”) halfway there already? Sweet girl, you are welcome to just take your time in there. I am enjoying this experience and I’m also a little nervous to take care of you this coming Spring, although I know your Dad and  I will figure it out just fine.

Last Monday was my 20-week check-up and anatomy scan ultrasound. Baby looks perfect (and still looks like a girl!) and it was so great to breathe a sigh of relief about our sweet girl once again. All her organs looked great and she was measuring beautifully (not that the measuring part matters much anyway.) Hubby and I were a bit annoyed at the way the ultrasound office’s physician assistant phrased her sentences while she reviewed the ultrasound photos with us. Stuff like: “Well, if there’s a gap in this area, that could indicate a cleft palate…but she doesn’t have that,” or “Now when we see a dark spot in this area, that could indicate a genetic abnormality…but that’s not there.”

Hello?!? How about phrasing your sentences a little more positively, or maybe even prefacing the entire conversation with, “Everything looks great. Now let’s go over the details.” That would give new parents some peace of mind.

Here is my 20-week belly pic. She’s growing!

20 week bump

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


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