happy 19 weeks, baby!!!

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant. That’s almost halfway there. I almost can’t believe it! I am loving this process and savoring every minute of it. I don’t want it to rush by too quickly! I know some women say I may be singing a different tune at 30-something weeks, but right now I just don’t believe it. I will for sure keep you updated though and let you know if my feelings change!

For now, this experience is really glorious. I know that word sounds silly, but it’s the way I feel. The last week has been a pretty big one for me. I started wearing maternity clothes last week. I didn’t think I was ready for them, and had been wearing a BellaBand with some pants and mostly getting by on my (many) loose, flowy skirts. Then one of my best friends, who just had her first baby a couple months ago, came over bearing gifts — a huuuge grocery bag full of maternity clothes and other fun goodies! And turns out…they fit!

So over the past week I have done even more maternity clothes shopping, and I’m starting to wonder why women don’t wear these clothes all the time! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought the high panels on the pants would be uncomfortable, but I looove them. I still have a gift card Hubby got me to Destination Maternity that I’m itching to spend sometime over the next week or so, and I should really be set. I’m trying to stick with the staples. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Four pairs of work pants (two borrowed, two purchased from Target — their maternity clothes are cute and cheap!)
  • One pair of black leggings (borrowed) Now I have never worn leggings before in my life, but I am wearing them today with an oversized gray, sleeveless tunic that I had pre-pregnancy, along with a black three-quarter length sleeved, billowy top (also pre-pregnancy) and some black flats. I thiiink it is working!
  • Several t-shirts (all borrowed except for this one I got on etsy)
  • One dress for work (many of my pre-pregnancy dresses also still fit)
  • One dress for fancy functions during the fall/winter — it was on sale for $30 down from $140 so I had to get it! It’s floor-length, simple, and black and I imagine can be dressed up/down/very differently depending on accessories
  • A few tops appropriate for work (a couple borrowed, one or two purchased)
  • One pair of jeans (borrowed)

What I still want to buy:

  • One more pair of work pants in a tan or brown color, as the pairs I have now are all in the black or gray family
  • Several other work-appropriate tops, or ones that could be worn for work and not
  • One more pair of jeans

I’m learning a few things about myself and maternity clothes. I’m learning that I like showing off my newly acquired belly bump. By the way, check it out:

18.5 weeks ... aka "here comes the bump"

So that being said, I think I want the remaining shirts I get to not be the loose type but instead to show off this baby belly! I’m happy about this belly, and I also think more fitted shirts make me look less frumpy. I’ve also learned that I don’t need a new bra (yet, at least.) My breasts are definitely rocking some cleavage than normal, but they still fit very snugly into my 34Bs. At night during the first trimester, I wore a sports bra sometimes (my loosest one that I’d had forever) and that was comfortable. So I really don’t think a maternity bra has been a necessary purchase in my case.

Ummm, and did I tell you? I can feel our little girl move now! It started on the plane ride back from Florida last weekend, and almost felt like a rolling sensation followed by a “thump, thump, thump.” What a crazy feeling.


3 thoughts on “happy 19 weeks, baby!!!

  1. Good for you. I started out in enormous tank like flowing shirts and dresses only to find I also really like showing off my baby bump. Dare I say, I feel gorgeous? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I loved wearing fitted shirts to show off my belly too! I was surprised how beautiful and confident pregnancy made me feel! Enjoy every minute. I bet you will still love it even at 30 weeks (maybe not 40+ haha).

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