21 weeks…and here comes fall!

Fall is coming in Atlanta. I can feel it in the wind on my face when I walk outside, and I can see it in the leaves on the trees that are starting already to change to hues of gold and orange. I told Hubby recently that I always forget how much I love Autumn until it’s upon us again. Now my mind is swirling with images of apple cider, warm scarves, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, Halloween parades, corn mazes, and hey, who knows — maybe even bobbing for apples.

In other “makes me feel warm inside” news, yesterday I hit 21 weeks pregnant, which means less weeks ahead of us than there are behind. I’m still feeling like this whole experience is a bit surreal. Did we really make a baby? Really??!? And then her pokes and prods remind me that, yes, we did.

Did I tell you my breasts have started leaking? That’s interesting. Aside from leaking, I can express colostrum on command now. I don’t do it often but every once in a while I pause, topless, wondering if it’s still in there — and <squeeeeeze> — yup! It is! I’m finding it amazing that my body is preparing already for the baby it’ll soon be feeding, and I’m so grateful that I will be able to feed our child.

I continue to feel healthy and good. Aside from some minor numbness in my rear from having a job that necessitates me sitting for most of the day, I am a-okay. My round belly continues to amaze me and I love watching it grow. I’m just really…happy.


last week was 20 weeks

How are we (“technically”) halfway there already? Sweet girl, you are welcome to just take your time in there. I am enjoying this experience and I’m also a little nervous to take care of you this coming Spring, although I know your Dad and  I will figure it out just fine.

Last Monday was my 20-week check-up and anatomy scan ultrasound. Baby looks perfect (and still looks like a girl!) and it was so great to breathe a sigh of relief about our sweet girl once again. All her organs looked great and she was measuring beautifully (not that the measuring part matters much anyway.) Hubby and I were a bit annoyed at the way the ultrasound office’s physician assistant phrased her sentences while she reviewed the ultrasound photos with us. Stuff like: “Well, if there’s a gap in this area, that could indicate a cleft palate…but she doesn’t have that,” or “Now when we see a dark spot in this area, that could indicate a genetic abnormality…but that’s not there.”

Hello?!? How about phrasing your sentences a little more positively, or maybe even prefacing the entire conversation with, “Everything looks great. Now let’s go over the details.” That would give new parents some peace of mind.

Here is my 20-week belly pic. She’s growing!

20 week bump

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

happy 19 weeks, baby!!!

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant. That’s almost halfway there. I almost can’t believe it! I am loving this process and savoring every minute of it. I don’t want it to rush by too quickly! I know some women say I may be singing a different tune at 30-something weeks, but right now I just don’t believe it. I will for sure keep you updated though and let you know if my feelings change!

For now, this experience is really glorious. I know that word sounds silly, but it’s the way I feel. The last week has been a pretty big one for me. I started wearing maternity clothes last week. I didn’t think I was ready for them, and had been wearing a BellaBand with some pants and mostly getting by on my (many) loose, flowy skirts. Then one of my best friends, who just had her first baby a couple months ago, came over bearing gifts — a huuuge grocery bag full of maternity clothes and other fun goodies! And turns out…they fit!

So over the past week I have done even more maternity clothes shopping, and I’m starting to wonder why women don’t wear these clothes all the time! 😉 I thought the high panels on the pants would be uncomfortable, but I looove them. I still have a gift card Hubby got me to Destination Maternity that I’m itching to spend sometime over the next week or so, and I should really be set. I’m trying to stick with the staples. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Four pairs of work pants (two borrowed, two purchased from Target — their maternity clothes are cute and cheap!)
  • One pair of black leggings (borrowed) Now I have never worn leggings before in my life, but I am wearing them today with an oversized gray, sleeveless tunic that I had pre-pregnancy, along with a black three-quarter length sleeved, billowy top (also pre-pregnancy) and some black flats. I thiiink it is working!
  • Several t-shirts (all borrowed except for this one I got on etsy)
  • One dress for work (many of my pre-pregnancy dresses also still fit)
  • One dress for fancy functions during the fall/winter — it was on sale for $30 down from $140 so I had to get it! It’s floor-length, simple, and black and I imagine can be dressed up/down/very differently depending on accessories
  • A few tops appropriate for work (a couple borrowed, one or two purchased)
  • One pair of jeans (borrowed)

What I still want to buy:

  • One more pair of work pants in a tan or brown color, as the pairs I have now are all in the black or gray family
  • Several other work-appropriate tops, or ones that could be worn for work and not
  • One more pair of jeans

I’m learning a few things about myself and maternity clothes. I’m learning that I like showing off my newly acquired belly bump. By the way, check it out:

18.5 weeks ... aka "here comes the bump"

So that being said, I think I want the remaining shirts I get to not be the loose type but instead to show off this baby belly! I’m happy about this belly, and I also think more fitted shirts make me look less frumpy. I’ve also learned that I don’t need a new bra (yet, at least.) My breasts are definitely rocking some cleavage than normal, but they still fit very snugly into my 34Bs. At night during the first trimester, I wore a sports bra sometimes (my loosest one that I’d had forever) and that was comfortable. So I really don’t think a maternity bra has been a necessary purchase in my case.

Ummm, and did I tell you? I can feel our little girl move now! It started on the plane ride back from Florida last weekend, and almost felt like a rolling sensation followed by a “thump, thump, thump.” What a crazy feeling.


I’ve been MIA for about a week, but Hubby and I went out of town for a wedding and to visit some family! In fact, he met some of my extended family who he has never met before. It was a fun but busy long weekend. I was glad we decided to fly back on Sunday so we had Monday to rest up (and celebrate his 32nd birthday!!) I made Hubby a breakfast casserole courtesy of Cooking Light and put candles in it in lieu of a birthday cake. It was a fun day.

I hope you enjoyed our gender announcement last week. We’re so excited to know the gender of our baby. I’m still working on retraining myself from saying “it” to saying “her” or “she.” Also — we’re 95% sure we’ve picked her NAME! We are not sharing with anyone though, and I don’t think I will be sharing it on this blog…but it’s a fun development.

Here’s a video from our 16.5-week ultrasound last week. Here’s to 18 weeks starting tomorrow! I will write another update later this week.