stress becomes wonder

Our 11 week appointment at our midwife group’s office was a wonderful experience! Yes, the wait was long, and yes, it took all morning for the appointment — but we received very personal, friendly, warm attention. I feel like we’re building a relationship with the midwives, not just being rushed in and out of an office, or that we’re a number.

We did have a bit of a worrisome moment. Our midwife tried to find the heartbeat for quite a few minutes with a Doppler, and couldn’t. One of my best friends who just had her first son recently did tell me not to worry if they couldn’t find it this early — that they couldn’t find the heartbeat at her 12-week appointment, and that it’s not always a given that “early”…but still…of course I worried!

The midwife could tell my nerves were getting to me. “You’re getting nervous. Your heart rate is increasing,” she said. And we could hear it too, through the Doppler. Only heartbeat we could hear! Then she told us something that was music to our ears.

“We have an old ultrasound machine here. If you want, I can wheel it in and we can take a look.”

So we did.

And the baby is gloriously beautiful. He or she was kicking and punching and squirming around. The tiny heart was beating. He or she was so much more interesting than the little bean we saw at seven weeks. We also saw the umbilical cord!

Here’s the video we took:


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