10 weeks

Hey baby!

I missed a couple of your weekly updates…your dad and I were on vacation and work has been more stressful than usual. But tomorrow we are in the double digits as far as weeks go. And hey, guess what? This week you are as big as a kumquat:

I’ve also read that another good food comparison for you is a prune. You are going to grow so much in the next few weeks — it’s incredible! I still don’t look pregnant, although I definitely feel tired and my breasts continue to be sore. I may have just missed out on the morning sickness though…I really haven’t had any of that to speak of. I have had some food aversions, and have wanted meat and even vegetables less than normal — and I normally loooove vegetables…but thankfully I seem to be rounding a corner as far as that goes.

Your dad likes to talk to you with his mouth up to my belly. He also turns his ear to my stomach and pretends you talk back to him and relays the conversation to me. It’s very sweet. We’ve also officially given you a nickname: MIDZ! Your dad is pretty tall — about 6’1″…and I am pretty short – about 5’3″…so your dad and I started calling each other mega and mini a while back…which morphed into Megz and Minz…well, not that you’ll be halfway between our sizes or anything, but put the tall person and short person together and we decided you are our Midz!

So we love you, Midz! As your dad always likes to say — “Keep growin’!!!”


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