back from curacao

I wanted to write you yesterday, my dear blog friends, but yesterday was…exhausting. Hubby and I just got back from our vacation to Curacao and I felt like I was plunged into pure insanity at the office. Although I didn’t know it until I walked in the office doors on Monday, we made three big-time new hires the week I was gone, and Monday was their first day. Being in marketing, we have a lot to do to get them up and going…so it was and has continued to be even busier than normal. Unfortunately, that meant I instantly felt like I needed a vacation again.

But we did have a great week, despite the sad fact that we actually found the locals to be very unfriendly and the service to be subpar of the laid-back service I understand is often par for the course in the Caribbean. Aside from that…the trip was great. We were truly relaxed, had a great time together, and enjoyed the island. We fed ostriches, saw an aloe plantation, saw the biggest waves I have ever seen, ate great food, snorkeled, and enjoyed each other’s company. Hubby even swam with dolphins, and I did a waist-deep encounter (unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to swim with them because I’m pregnant — must be a liability issue in case those strong tails turn your way). Here are a few photos from our trip:

Beautiful Dutch architecture (the island is part of the Netherlands Antilles)

My excellent choice for a beach read: ocean's inhabitants launch attack on mankind

Our legs...loving each other and the view from pool to beach

In other VERY exciting news…we switched from my OBGYN to a midwife practice! We’re so incredibly excited about the decision, which we made yesterday after a consultation. In another post soon I’ll share with you the questions we asked and the difference in answers we received from the midwives versus my OBGYN, which I felt were very telling and, for us, made the decision very easy for us. More on that soon…


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