7 weeks (+ one day)

Hey baby…this week you are as a big as a blueberry:


The rate at which you are growing is incredible. Last night your dad and I flipped through the pictures on one of my new iPhone pregnancy apps and marveled at how much your size will increase over the next month. You go from being a tiny “dot” in my uterus to being the size of a lime just five weeks from now! That’s incredible and truly reminds me of how much a miracle you are.

Last Saturday your dad and I bought blueberries at the local farmer’s market down the street, where we buy our produce and some of our meat every week. All this week I’ve been adding blueberries to my cereal and he has been adding them to his smoothies. It’s made me wonder — what size blueberry are you? Are you one of the big, round, sweet ones, or are you still the size of one of the tiny, tart berries?

I’ve been feeling good this week, although a little more finicky about food than normal. Meat hasn’t appealed to me as much this week, and I am very sensitive to smell. I have had a ginger ale the past two mornings after arriving at work to help soothe the extra bit of gas and nausea in my tummy. I’ve started sleeping in a sports bra many nights, which has been much more comfortable for me. I hope you are comfortable in there too, and growing well.

In just a few days we will see you in an ultrasound. We are so excited. We’re also checking out a couple different practices and are thinking about delivering you somewhere else. I can’t wait to have our consultation with the first midwife group in just a couple weeks and hope we fall in love with them. The other doctor we are thinking about has only a 5-10% c-section rate, which already gives him points in my book. I hope your birth is as peaceful and powerful of an experience as possible, and I hope the transition into this world is smooth for you. Thank goodness we have lots of time to prepare.


Your mom and dad


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