6 weeks

Hi, baby. This week you are as big as a lentil:

Week Six: Lentil

Your tiny little heart is beating now. How very neat, although that word is a sore understatement. Tiny dark spots are starting to form on you — these will become your eyes, ears, and nose. Your arm and leg buds are also just starting to sprout. Our tiny little sprout. We hope you are growing strong and healthy and can’t wait to learn more about you on Monday when we go to our first appointment with my doctor.

This week I have been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, having been very tired, constipated, and a bit uncomfortable. Last night I had a little meltdown and ended up crying for about ten minutes to your dad. I’m not really sure why. It’s not because I am unhappy — I am extremely happy and already love you very much, and I love your dad to pieces. I just feel different, and the hormones that are surging through my body coupled with my tiredness have given me a bit of an emotional ride.

I haven’t had any symptoms of nausea yet, and for that I am thankful. I hope it won’t kick in at all, but if it does I will accept it as graciously as I can and hope that everything just means you are growing stronger and getting exactly what it is that you need. I hope we can see you on Monday, but am not sure yet what the doctor has planned for that appointment. We sure have plenty of questions for her.


2 thoughts on “6 weeks

  1. OMG am I right there (crying) with you? I sobbed (and I mean like so hard that I had to catch my breath after a minute or two) yesterday because my daughter now only wants to go on the big girl swings. Because you know “OMG she is getting bigger and tomorrow she will be going to school and then the day after she will be in high school and never want to hang out with me and I’m going to miss her more than words can express. And what if she wants to study abroad in college, could I handle my “baby” being that far from me”?

    Then at my doctor’s appointment we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and it is just the most beautiful sound in the world and it was just too much at the moment.

    You know the rice krispies commercial where the family is just hanging out making treats – that triggered a mass crying episode too.

    So yeah…it may be hormones or just an abundance of happiness but I cry like at least three times a DAY and I’m only 5 weeks further then you. Embrace it and in six months when you are sobbing on the floor because you burned some fries know that I too am probably crying at the same time.

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