my pregnancy workout schedule

I was inspired the other day when my hubby came home with a printed out sheet detailing his latest workout and diet plan. Don’t get me wrong…we’re not fad dieters or impulsive, sporadic exercisers. Well, there was that three-month stint with P90X, but overall we try to live a healthy lifestyle and not follow the fads too much. We buy local, mostly organic food at our local farmer’s market and Whole Foods, we try to cook mostly at home (as much as we loooove to go out…and do!) and we (depending on what part of the year you catch us in) typically work out between three and six days a week. Three is on the low side, and hubby never really hits that mark. I do though.

Last week I had my first real, “I’m pregnant and exhausted week.” I guess that would make this week my second. 😉 I found myself so tired that I was skipping my workouts. So when hubby came home with that new workout plan I felt reinspired. I pulled out my iPhone and created a list of my own. Here’s my plan, which I’ve been following since last Thursday:

  • Saturday – 20 minutes of cardio and arms
  • Sunday – 20 minutes of cardio and arms
  • Monday – Prenatal yoga DVD
  • Tuesday – 20 minutes of cardio and arms
  • Wednesday – Prenatal yoga DVD
  • Thursday – 20 minutes of cardio and arms
  • Friday – Rest

Now I’m sure I won’t follow this six-day a week plan every week, but I figure the closer I get to six days a week the better, and hopefully I’ll stay close to that number. I’ve already found myself having more energy since adding my workout back into my schedule (even though I’m still very tired every day — I was fighting off sleep an hour ago…at 7:30!)

For cardio I am doing either 20 minutes on the elliptical or on the treadmill, and I’ve noticed so far that these activities have been harder for me than it was before. My heart must be pumping more than normal. I don’t like running anyway, so I’m doing a nice steady pace — what amounts to just under 2 miles on the elliptical or about a mile walking at varying slopes on the treadmill. I am concentrating on keeping my breath even and squeezing those buns!

Also, I know it may look like I’m working my arms a lot, but I’m really just doing the equivalent of curls, tricep extensions/dips/etc., and shoulder exercises to the length of one song on my iPod Shuffle…however long that song may be. I figure if my arms start to feel tired working multiple days in a row, I’ll switch it up and do another type of muscle-building exercise one day. The reason I am focused (for now) on my arms is because I’m self conscious of them and would like to avoid them growing larger as my belly does! 🙂

As far as my yoga DVD goes, I just took the plastic wrap off the Element: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga DVD I picked up…erhmmm…a couple months ago before even conceiving. I really enjoyed the video. The prenatal sequence was only 30 minutes long, which I like because I have a hard time staying focused for a longer workout. The video was a combination of relaxing and strengthening. No — it’s not anywhere near the most intense yoga video I’ve done, but it feels just right, and I could still feel it working my muscles and stretching me. I also enjoyed the relaxing backdrop in the video and the meditative moments spent with one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly, connecting with baby.

So that’s my plan. I  feel good about getting my sleepy self off the couch again and getting into a workout groove similar to the one I was in before I became pregnant. What is your prenatal workout plan?


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