first father’s day gift

We’ll be just shy of 7 weeks pregnant on Father’s Day, and I couldn’t resist getting hubby his first Father’s Day gift. (I am sharing this with you now because I am a horrible, no good, very bad secret keeper — and instead of waiting until Father’s Day I gave this to hubby as soon as I got it in the mail yesterday.)

Daddy's Little Peanut

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a onesie, particularly with mitten cuffs? I got this one from seller MimiMakesMemories on Etsy. She was so helpful and sweet in getting the package shipped well in time for Father’s Day, and we were both smitten with the product itself. Thanks, Mimi!

Hubby and I couldn’t believe how tiny the little onesie was — and by extension how tiny our little Baby Valentine will be! “How will we not crush it?” I said. 🙂 Oh…and hey hubby! Even though I spoiled the surprise…

You’ll be getting another small surprise on Father’s Day itself!


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