because you deserve more than a photo of a stick i peed on

Thursday was day 29 of my (however irregular) cycle since I got off birth control back in March. I had been expecting my period to come after taking an early pregnancy test on Monday and getting a definitive “NOT PREGNANT.” I was also cramping, crying, and otherwise feeling PMSy. Is that a term? I’m going with yes.

When Thursday came and went and my period was nowhere to be found, a small part of me began to hope. Could slight cramping mean I was pregnant? Turns out, it can. If I’ve learned one thing from this experience, it’s that pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms are wildly overlapping, and it (for me at least) is almost impossible to tell if you are pregnant or not just based on how you feel early on.

Friday morning came and I was awakened by the soft, gonging sound of church bells on my iPhone (the least offensive alarm sound I could find!) As hubby and I awoke and started stumbling around the bathroom I said, “what do you think about taking another test?”

“Yes, yes!” He said excitedly, starting to pull open a drawer.

He handed me a cheap test I got as a bonus “gift” in a sperm-friendly lubricant I had ordered. I was sitting on the toilet, first pee of the morning dying to escape me, and I for the LIFE of me could not figure out what the hell to do with the stick I had in my hand. Did I need to peel off part of it? Pee on the blue end or the white end? There were no instructions in the cheap-o package or on the label, and I sure didn’t want to waste my first-o’-the-morning pee, so I threw it aside and took out our last early response test from beneath the sink.

After I finally peed (ahh, what sweet relief), I snapped the cap back on the test and set it on the side of our tub. Hubby kept peering over my shoulder, and I said, “don’t look, don’t look. Please let me look. It makes me more sad when you say no.”

I suggested we make the bed, and continued to ramble on about how we couldn’t get our hopes up, and I really felt like I was about to get my period. I walked back in the bathroom and picked up the test.


“Whaaaaaaaat?” I shrieked, picking up the test. “Does this say yes?!? Does this say yes? No way, no way…”

General excitement and hugging followed, but I said, “Let’s not get too excited. I want to take another test. Let’s go get another one. Okay?”

I threw on jeans and took my bra-less self 12 stories down and left our condo in pursuit of a test from the drugstore across the street, which, turns out, doesn’t open until 8:00 in the morning (and it was 7:30.) I booked across the city road to the grocery store across from us and bought another test.

Fast forward to me back in the condo, struggling to work up enough urine to take another test. Finally, I barely went — and two pink lines appeared.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

For the rest of the day I couldn’t concentrate on a thing at work. I still almost can’t believe it’s true. Having my first doctor’s appointment on June 21, when I’ll be 6.5 weeks, will make it that much more real. We’ve also estimated my due date to be around February 9, 2011. We can’t wait to meet our little Valentine!


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