hello, third cycle…i see you coming to greet me

Today I put my continued hopes and dreams into a third cycle, which I will likely start sometime today. Remember the phantom pregnancy symptoms I had last cycle? I had some again this month.

This cycle’s phantom symptoms included having to get up to pee in the middle of the night or immediately upon waking, and a keen sense of smell. One day while in a deliciously rose-scented bubble bath, I smelled the garlic browning for hubby’s vodka sauce through two closed doors and thought that surely it meant I had conceived and my senses were heightened. But I had simultaneous premenstrual symptoms too: slight cramping and heightened emotions, which this morning left me in tears over some frustrations I’m having with a website I’m creating to sell our place.

The early response test I took Monday morning told us “no,” and my body is telling me “no” too.

Here’s to a new cycle, a new day, a new time to try.


3 thoughts on “hello, third cycle…i see you coming to greet me

  1. I’m also approaching my first menstrual cycle since trying, and I’m trying to figure out what to celebrate about a “negative” result.

    For me, I think, I want to celebrate my freedom and my complete autonomy over my time and more opportunity to strengthen my relationship with my partner as a foundation for our future family.

  2. That is so wonderful!! I’ve had a similar mindset, which has actually helped me the last couple cycles — kind of thinking to myself, “This is another month we have to prepare ourselves for this huge experience and to love each other!” I’m sure I will grow increasingly impatient, but for now it works as well as can be expected! 🙂

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