chinese zodiac

I am the first to admit that really all I know of the Chinese zodiac comes from the paper placemats set on the table of my favorite childhood Chinese Restaurant. I don’t put much stock in the monthly zodiac system, nor do I believe in this one. The idea that people who share a common birth month or, even harder for me to believe, a birth year have similar characteristics…well, I just don’t know about that. But sometimes don’t you read a horoscope and it seems to fit?

I was born in the year of the dog, 1982. According to, this means I am:

  • Loyal (yup)
  • Faithful (yup)
  • Honest (very much so)
  • Distrustful (can be)
  • Often guilty of telling white lies (nope — see above: honest)
  • Temperamental (got me)
  • Prone to mood swings (gulp)
  • Dogmatic (i’m trying to unlearn my dogma)
  • Sensitive (oh yeah!)
  • Excel in business but have trouble finding mates (sure, but it all worked out “in the end”)
  • Compatible with the tiger or horse

Yay! Hubby is a horse born in 1978. He is:

  • Energetic (sure)
  • Self-reliant (most definitely)
  • Money-wise (for sure)
  • A lover of traveling (yup) love (double yup) and intimacy (sure)
  • Great at seducing (this makes me lol…I think he’d say yes, at least! love you, hubby! tee hee)
  • Sharp-witted (oh yeah!)
  • Impatient (can be, yes)
  • Sometimes seen as a drifter (Not sure about that)
  • Compatible with the dog ([beams happily]) and the tiger

If we have a child in 2011, he or she will be born in the year of the rabbit! According to the Chinese zodiac, he or she will:

  • Enjoy being surrounded by family and friends
  • Be popular, compassionate, and sincere
  • Like to avoid conflict
  • Sometimes be seen as a pushover
  • Enjoy home and entertaining at home
  • Be compatible with a goat or pig

So I think we all have a little of each of these traits in us. That might be why it’s easy to read a list like this and think, “yes, that’s me! That’s me to a T!” Eh, no matter what, I find things like this interesting and amusing. And what do I know, anyway? Wait, don’t answer that! 🙂


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