name that city

We are thinking about moving here:

Name that City

Can you name that city?

Here’s a hint: it’s aboouuut halfway between our two immediate families. They live in Atlanta and Raleigh.

If we move, it won’t be for a while down the road — after I have our first baby (and we’re not even pregnant yet)…just an idea we’re tossing around. But right now we live about 45 minutes from my family and 6 hours from hubby’s, so when we do have children we’d like to be more equidistant between the two. This is one of our favorite cities in the Southeast and the location seems to be just right for what we’re looking for! Even though this is in the distant future and is just little more than a daydream at this point, I’m pretty excited about the possibility. Although I was born in Florida I’ve lived in Georgia since I was two years old, and I would love to move! In June hubby and I are going to a wedding in the same state this city is in, and we are going to stop by the night before and scout it out.

Here’s to a possible adventure!

So, any guesses?


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