the cat’s out of the bag

Hubby and I went to visit his side of the family for a long Mother’s Day weekend, which was great except I am now sick. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s from being in the airport and around all those people and germs. Usually we drive the six hours, and it was worth it to have the shorter trip, but I do have a tendency to get sick after plane trips. I’m starting to feel better, but the last couple days haven’t been too fun.

Other than that, the weekend was great. Hubby’s sister and her hubby have two kids, our nieces. One is eight and the other will be two in August. We hadn’t seen them since the winter holidays so that, of course, was wonderful. They’re the sweetest girls, and it’s so interesting in particular to see how much a baby/toddler changes in six months.

Now on to the important stuff, as in…why did I title this post “the cat’s out of the bag”?

Hmm, well, it’s probably pretty obvious. On Saturday afternoon (before all the adults were planning on going to dinner together — this included hubby’s sis, her hubby, and my in-laws) I asked hubby if it would be okay if we told them we are trying to conceive. We talked about it and decided to go for it.

Hubby made the announcement over chips and salsa — the big margarita in front of me quickly gave away the fact that we are still TRYING — and the family seemed very excited, although thrown for a bit of a loop. We had an awkward but laugh-filled toast to sex (in which I nervously blurted out that we weren’t trying to conceive — aka have sex — in their house, and his mom said she didn’t care; ahh, the things I say sometimes), and his mom quickly starting running through her immediate thoughts aloud. Things like, will we ever move from Atlanta (closer to them)? And…”well, I’ll keep the crib after the baby grows out of it for you guys to use next.”

I am happy to have finally shared the secret, although I do feel kind of feel silly, like we told them a non announcement, or an announcement about an announcement that may come should we be able to conceive. [scratches head] Might as well have said, “Hey, Mom and Dad — just wanted to let you know, your son is having unprotected sex with me!” Giggle.

I think we’ll tell my family now too, just because I don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt whenever/if ever we do become pregnant. If they find out the other side of the family knew we were trying while they were in the dark I think it could be kind of awkward. We’re going over to my parents’ house this weekend for my mom’s birthday, so I suppose it will be time for another non announcement then.



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