melodic monday, what?

So I was sitting at lunch today and realized I did exactly what I thought I might do last week: forgot to post some writing on Monday.

I’m sorry. But ah well, I suppose I will just start writing when I can and when inspiration truly hits me instead of on a regular day every week.

I’ve also been quieter than normal this week too, and I am sorry for that. Work has been wildly busy. We are talking about hiring a third person for our two-man marketing group, which would be amazing, because I am about completely zombified by the time I get home every day lately. This evening I just laid silently on the bed with hubby for about 20 minutes…a big change from my usual constant blabber and energy from the time I walk in the door.

I hope you are all having a good week and are retaining many more brain cells than I am lately. Talk to you more soon.



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