l is for languid

If I could describe our weekend in one word, it would be languid.

Friday night hubby and I celebrated our six months of marriage with the aforementioned meal of artichokes, flank steak, and mashed potatoes. It was delicious. We watched a Lifetime movie and snuggled sleepily on the couch with the cats. Ah, and I ended up picking up this treat for dessert from Whole Foods:

Chocolate Cake for Two

Saturday it was pouring rain here in Atlanta. After sleeping in much later than normal, we ran a couple errands (one of which left us in a downpour without an umbrella) and then promptly returned home to make lunch and nap for several hours. That night we had dinner with my cousin, his wife, and their two daughters. Hubby and I both enjoyed seeing them, and in his case meeting mother and one of the daughters who weren’t able to make our wedding because of an illness that weekend.

Sunday morning the rain clouds had left Atlanta behind. The blue skies and welcome, rough breeze easily convinced us to open the door to our patio, and we enjoyed the fresh air and sounds of the city street below all day. For just a little while we worked on our conception mandala. Here’s a picture of the mandala when we started today. I’ll share more once we’re a little further along.

Our Conception Mandala

After lounging the day away we made flank steak and artichoke pizza with our leftovers from Friday. (Excellent idea. Try it.)

Flank steak and artichoke pizza

Then we took a walk around one of the neighborhoods behind our condo. I pointed out single-family homes I liked and told hubby the things I’d change about their landscaping or overall aesthetics. We talked about wanting lots of bird feeders and a bird bath someday, and about how Little Imaginary Future Baby of ours will probably love looking at the birds (as will the cats.)

Ah, almost forgot the three hour nap we fit in the middle of the day (again.)

Overall, the word languid really seems to encapsulate the weekend. The last several days have felt sleepy, dreamlike. We must have needed the extra rest, but somehow I still don’t feel rested enough.

How was your weekend?


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