happy earth day, nemo

Happy Earth Day to Nemo, my peace lily I bought when my company moved into our new office space at the start of this year! In our old office, my cube was extremely sterile — not to mention relatively soul-sucking — but I made it one of my goals to spruce up my new work space in the hopes that it would help elevate my spirits during the hours I am at work. I really think it has helped.

Also, Nemo is the first live plant I have ever owned (can you believe it? I am 27) and I am happy to say he is doing well! Isn’t that (and the fact that our two cats are not only alive but awesomely happy) a sign that I’m ready for motherhood? Riiiight?

And yes, that is a fake-fur covered picture frame containing a photo of our cats.

My plant, Nemo

More later…muah!


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