as promised, sex as art

House of the Epigrams, Reign of Nero

House of the Epigrams, Reign of Nero

Sex as art is something I read about in Mark Olsen and Samuel Avital’s The Conception Mandala, which has definitely been my favorite read during our conception journey thus far. I talked about it a couple weeks ago in relation to our decision to pursue a conscious conception and write a statement of intent and invitation to our unformed child.

The authors of this book devote a whole chapter to sex as art. While they do admit that “clearly, there is no scientific proof to verify or deny this concept,” they say:

This highly charged vibrational event [sex] could be metaphorically described in sound: It is the haunting cry of the Hebrew shofar, the joyful ring of a church bell, the pulsing ring of the Tibetan singing bowl; it is the great song of creation resonating and calling forth. Perhaps sex is indeed a kind of signal, an electromagnetic event, similar to the release of sound waves, that creates a vibrational ripple on the subatomic level and contacts another vibrational field — one destined to become a human being, a being that was inexorably attracted by the vibrational tone, so to speak, of the call.

I don’t know if I buy it, but without evidence I’m not the type that could ever really buy anything completely. I am, however, intrigued by the romantic, almost haunting idea. The authors propose this means of pursuing sex (seeking conception, although I’m sure this could really apply to sex in general) as art:

  1. Step 1: Prepare the External: Honor your individual needs and those of your partner. Begin by participating in a ritual cleansing of the bedchamber. Try new linens, the removal of clutter, and docoration. Next, create a mood with candles, incense, whatever you like. We’ve used two candles (our miracle candles we lit when reading our invitation.)
  2. Step 2: Prepare the Internal: Consider the internal mood and focus on a relaxed sense of communion and fun. This was a key concept for me in helping to keep this from becoming something akin to a chore or homework. While this is mainly a reminder to me to watch my internal state, this step also suggests a ritual bath, massage, dancing, or meditating together. Create your own personal rhythm and melody.
  3. Step 3: Inner Alignment and Lovemaking: The authors suggest several methods for this, and I’d recommend reading their book for detailed information if you are interested. Most of their suggestions involve being completely attuned to each other, your intent, and your love. Some involve different visualizations of light and use of breath.

I found this chapter of the book to be particularly interesting in that it reminded me that what we are doing is an art and that while we don’t have to be serious or staid about it, we can view it that way. In that way I think it’s helped make the journey so far even more magical. No matter how you pursue conception or your intimate time with your partner, I think it’s most important to have fun, love, and respect each other.


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