mwf seeking hobby

I need a hobby, an outlet for my increased excitement and anticipation. Something other than baby making. Or thinking about baby making.

And I do love a good hobby. For a year I took belly dancing classes and really dug it, so much that I ended up with a bag full of coin sashes, ballet flats, knee pads (so I could do this dance — but that’s not me in the video, it’s just the choreography I did — pretty awesome, huh?), crop tops, and even a sword. I became a little disenchanted with it, but who knows? I may go back someday.

Well maybe a craft, then. Before hubby and I were married, the first Christmas/holiday season we were together his family decided to do a crafty gift exchange. I had to make something for his mom. No pressure on the new girlfriend, right? I tried to make this. I wish I had a picture of what it really looks like. Because it did not look like that. My shadow box involved permanent marker. Oops. Sweet lady still put it on her bedroom wall.

Perhaps a crafty class is in order, but one other thing I am thinking about exploring more fully is yoga. Hubby and I have been doing workout-type yoga DVDs for a while now, but I like the spiritual aspect of yoga too and would like to explore a real yoga practice rather than just a workout DVD like this one, which is one of the ones we do at home. We never did end up going to that ashram I mentioned a week or so ago. I can’t remember why anymore. Slept in, who knows? But yesterday we did go to a class at another studio and I really enjoyed it.

There’s something about having an instructor guide me through the bodily and mental process behind yoga that really helps me. When the instructor yesterday told me to focus on the four points of my foot rooting into the Earth, I really felt them, could just sense my foot and leg anchoring solidly into the ground. When I think about hugging my muscles tighter around the bones I can almost feel that as well. Yoga makes me feel more aware, more alive. It makes me feel really strong too. I can’t believe I ever thought yoga only involved stretching. It’s a really good workout — for the body and spirit.

Maybe this will be my new jam.

Now as far as this weekend is concerned, here’s a picture from our wedding day that demonstrates one of the hobbies we’ll be taking part in over the next couple days. Oops, there I go thinking about baby making again. 😉


Have a great weekend, everyone.


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