lube me up, scotty

As hubby and I begin to try to conceive this month (oh, and guess what, friends? my first period after ending birth control ended today! hurrah!) we are not putting too much stock into the “rules” of it all. Rules like:

Don’t have sex more than every 24 hours.

Put your hips up for five minutes after sex. (Or even funnier, do handstands after doing the deed.)

Don’t do any long-distance cycling.

Time out here. My cyclist hubby would love that one.

Thankfully doc said some most common constraints you might read about online or hear from others when researching how to help conceive are most often useful for those who are having a hard time conceiving after say six to eight months. She did suggest loose underwear for hubby, but other than that in this early stage of trying it’s most important to just be healthy and have fun! So for now, if hubby wants to hop on a bike and ride 25+ miles around the city, he should feel free to spandex it up.

However one thing hubby and I heard that we aren’t taking any chances on is that most common lubricants are not sperm-friendly and can kill the little guys before they have a chance to swim upstream. In fact, your own natural lubrication is also acidic to sperm except during ovulation, and saliva can also impair the fellas. I have heard that only a bit of water or certain sperm-friendly lubricants are good to use while trying to conceive. Of course good old fashioned foreplay is also recommended by most sites discussing the issue.

I found a sperm-friendly lubricant called Pre-Seed online and ordered some several weeks ago. They have a couple options on their website, but the kind I ordered comes with applicators so the lubricant is actually applied intra-vaginally. Some evidence has shown that not only is Pre-Seed not harmful to the little swimmers, but that it also helps conduct them up to the fallopian tubes. Now I’m not sure about that, but I suppose any potential help doesn’t hurt! Although I haven’t yet tried the applicators, I have felt the product and it has a natural feel to it. Another benefit is that you can put the product into the applicator tube up to 15 minutes or so before applying.


“Wait a minute, honey, let me get the lube into the applicator syringe!” might be an instant mood killer, so that’s good to know.

If you have had any experience with this or any other lubricant while trying to conceive, feel free to share your thoughts or opinions! As far as hubby and I are concerned, it’s finally time for us to actually start trying to conceive. I’m excited and…honestly, nervous. Here goes nothin’!


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