what’s a conscious conception, anyway?

The Conception Mandala

When hubby and I decided to make a baby, me being the book lover I am I immediately thought: “We need to get a book.”

Fast forward to Barnes & Noble, my nose crinkled up in dismay at the rows of clinical fare, highlighting fertility problems, telling you everything to avoid, and telling you that there is hope for you to stay sane throughout pregnancy (as if we were to imagine that the natural result would, of course, be insanity), and help for those who thinks that, well, pregnancy just sucks.

Now I respect you if one or any of those books worked for you and were or are what you need. However at this point in life they weren’t what I needed. First I ordered The Conception Mandala by Mark Olsen and Samuel Avital. According to the back cover, “this practical guide shows how both men and women can participate actively and with heightened awareness in the supreme mystery of conception.” Sounds a bit hippy dippy and well, I liked it.

Hubby and I both really enjoyed this book. He is going to take an active role (beyond the, erhm, obvious) in this process of conception and transition into fatherhood, so we took turns reading it over the course of a few evenings.  The main takeaways we garnered from this book, which was surprisingly refreshing and relatively “non-New Agey,” were:

  • We purchased a journal together for our future child, and will present him or her with it one day when the time is “right.”
  • In that notebook, we put a combined “Statement of Intent,” which we wrote first individually and then combined together. In other words, this was our account of why we want to have a child. I will share ours later.
  • We also included an “invitation” to our unborn child, which we wrote again individually and then together. Later we had a ceremony of sorts and read the invitation aloud together. I will share ours later.
  • After we conceive we will add a welcome to our child, and will add to the notebook as desired through the process of pregnancy, childbirth (with an account of his or her birth), and on if desired. We may add poems, quotes, or drawings.
  • We are creating a conception mandala. Consider this a spiritual art project. Mandalas are considered by many to be a sacred circle and our conception mandala will be a visual representation of our unformed child and all our hopes and dreams for him or her. We have begun creating ours on a canvas and last week we started painting it. I will share it, too, when we’re done.

If you are actively trying to conceive and are interested in the ideas behind a conscious, spirit-filled conception, I’d recommend either picking up a used copy of The Conception Mandala or giving it a read on Google Books. I found it a great way to begin our journey.


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