The Invitation

We got the idea from The Conscious Conception The Conception Mandala. Our invitation to our unborn (and unformed, don’t forget — I am not preggers yet) child took shape over a series of a week or two in the notebook we will give our future child someday. Once written, we lit candles I found in a local store called Phoenix & Dragon. They are pink, smell lovely, and were labeled “Miracles.” If a baby isn’t the ultimate miracle, I don’t know what is.

Miracle Candles

This is the invitation we read to that little soul that may be out in the cosmos somewhere looking for us:

Dear Baby (or Babies),

Please accept this invitation to join us as we add to our family, and come to us as soon as you are ready. We have made a special place in our hearts and lives especially for you.

We promise to raise you in a nurturing environment, one where your thoughts and ideas will always be respected. We will teach you, learn from you, and most of all love you.

We can’t wait to meet you and to learn all the ways you are unique. We love you already.

Dad & Mom


5 thoughts on “The Invitation

  1. Hello I found you on a feed for conscious conception. I love what you are doing and the beautiful way you are putting it out into the world. You will produce that most enlightened and loved child.

    I am a pre and peri-natal psychologist, and have for years been working to bring about the changes to consciousness that you are doing naturally.

    Blessing to you and your future Earthbaby! Keep in touch.

    Wendy McCord, PhD- or just plain Wendy

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